Sunday, February 27, 2011

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Yesterday was kind of an odd day for the little guy. While he's been very engaged and happy and giggly lately, he suddenly took a turn for the closed-off. We thought he was maybe toying with a virus or something. Figures. Anyway, I tried throughout the day to get him to look at me, stay on my lap and sing clumsily with me like he does. He wouldn't.

Just before bedtime, then, he was riding around on his little car when I caught his eye. He was saying something I couldn't really understand. "Sawww" or "swaaww" or something. George was like, "Star! That's right, buddy!"

I jumped on it. "Twinkle, twinkle, little star...," I sang loudly.

His glance stopped on my eyes, and suddenly, he was with us again.

"How I wonder what you are...," I continued.

Silence. But he looked off in a corner, so quietly, so pensively.


I didn't freak out. He's sung that part before, and lots. But it did make me smile. I felt like I hadn't seen this little guy all day.

"Tinko, tinko, wiwa taww."

George and I looked at each other. He'd heard the same thing I did, unbelievably. I mean, sometimes I think my mind fills in too many blanks and I end up the mother of, like, a nonverbal son, who thinks her little guy can spit out sentences. But he heard it too. I'm not crazy.

Oh, William. Sometimes I wonder what you are, but, end of the day, it doesn't even matter. You just shine so bright.


  1. Brought me to tears. So much love for William and all of you...

  2. Maura and family, You are my niece, nephew and great nephew and we are not close but through your parents and your blogs, I have come to find you are great parents, you inspire ME and I pray for you and William every day! I wish there were more parents like you in this world! Love You Aunt Zita