Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cats and Bananas (um...not a recipe)

My parents are so cool.

My mom's been doing a ton of sewing for my kids, and her most recent "reveal" involved three skirts and a dress-up wedding dress/sparkly shawl combo for Nora with two tiaras, also a bunch of shirts and books and games. I mean, it's just beautiful stuff and I can't wait for her to wear it all. Nora wore her wedding dress around all evening, saying "I can wear this at my wedding!" So freaking cute.

For William, she made some beautiful pants that will be so comfy on him. He doesn't complain too much about jeans or the otherwise less comfy pants I make him wear, but he always acts so happy when he's wearing comfy pants. I mean, I know I'm happier in comfy pants. How would that not be multiplied by sensory issues? :)

My dad even got in on the fun, and as a very talented painter, decided to paint some t-shirts for William. He painted a Cat in the Hat on a gray shirt, and I swear, I had to study it to find evidence of it being paint--not screen printed. It is stunning. He also did a banana on a yellow shirt. William loves the banana shirt. He just wants to hold it and look at it. And when he saw the cat in the hat shirt, he said "hat."And then "cat-a-hat-a-hat-a-hat-a-cat-c-c-c-c-at-hat" in rapid fire until the syllables no longer made sense.

My parents are so cool.

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